SDMAAC was started in the August of 2014 by piano instructor and composer Mathew Rakers as a response to both working in and managing various music and art studios throughout San Diego. He observed that many studios were functioning in a top heavy manner, with a limited amount of services being provided to the musicians and artists that were keeping the businesses running. He also observed an increasing amount of students were being taught long term by undisciplined instructors that did not stress comprehension of music, and were therefore locking students into a cycle of beginner to intermediate ability. There were a number of parallel issues that independent musicians and artists were facing, and he saw an opportunity in improving the situation for all parties in the form of a business that would improve the available infrastructures.

The ability to create is an essential part of the human experience, and not something that should be stifled by poor instruction, monetary gain, teaching to tests, or institutional preservation.

Over the last five years, SDMAAC has worked to address these issues by providing free creative work space to instructor projects in combination with a number of other services and partnerships ranging from booking to discounted recording to acting as a free referral service for in-home clientele. This is done while keeping prices affordable to families and providing access points to creative professionals. There is a culture of practice, creativity, and transparency that is emulated by the individuals that make up SDMAAC.

The potential of students is respected and nurtured in a productive environment while the hard work of the families and individuals that comprise the clientele is respected by continuous study on the part of the instructors.

The studio is proud to have an increasing amount of children under the age of ten that are working through the repertoire of Bach, Chopin, Grieg, Schumann, Bartok, Mozart, Beethoven, and various other classical and modern composers. There is also a maturing student base of older students that are accomplishing larger and larger pieces, both in performance and composition.

The studio is also proud to have a growing group of developing art students that are producing a diverse body of work. There have been thousands of pieces created by students over the past 5 years.

August, 2019, marks the 5 year anniversary of SDMAAC, and the studio looks forward to continuing to grow and build relationships with the community of San Diego while improving the situation for hardworking musicians and artists.